Delhi High Court directed GSTN, GST Council and CGST/DGST Officer to Conduct meetings with the Petitioner to resolve the GST issues.

Sales Tax Bar Association has filed Writ Petition No 10284 of 2018 regarding the refund related issues which are being faced by the tax payers at large on a daily basis in the GST Regime.
The bench comprising Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vipin Sanghi and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjeev Narula heard the issues and grievances raised by the Arguing Counsel Mr. Puneet Agrawal on a stretch and thereby passed the order. The major issues which were raised during the hearing were:
1. Non Acknowledgment/ Non Processing/Non Granting of Refund as per GST Act and Rules.
2. Non implementation of the statutory mechanism created to grant refund.
The Court also noted the various issues which are being faced as several and serious.
Thereafter the Court directed the Petitioner to submit a bullet point representation to the Respondents, highlighting all the issues which are being faced. The Court also directed Respondents to arrange a meeting and address all the issues raised in the representation, with a view of solving such issues, and place the minutes of the meeting before the Court. The Court also directed that the meeting shall be attended by CEO/Vice President of the GSTN Network, Additional Secretary for GST Council, Commissioner level officer for Delhi GST.


The above matter,  has been pulished by TIOL. The link is provided herein below:

Refer TIOL Citation for the same: 2019-TIOL-2157-HC-DEL-GST


Case argued by:- Advocate Puneet Agrawal, Partner, ALA Legal.

The order of the above matter is attached in the link:Order

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