A brief background:

When  the  Model GST Law was  circulated  by  the  Government for  comments  from stake holders in June 2016, we (ALA Legal) while going through the same found that the same is a complex mix of provisions of the pre-GST laws sought to be unified in  bits  and pieces to  give  shape  to a new structure, of course, with  certain refinements so that it can be presented as the GST Law. However, at several places it was seen that the Government was rather moving backwards, which is apparent from introduction and re-emphasis on certain archaic provisions; especially  those  vesting  the  officers  with  unbridled  and  arbitrary  powers. Likewise, certain  other  fundamental provisions such as those relating to valuation, credit and time of supply also fail to show the progressiveness which was keenly expected from the GST Law.

In sum, the Model GST Law was an interesting mix of a new and highly evolved concept, couched in a framework which is largely based upon the complicated, cumbersome and highly controlled legislations then prevailing, i.e. Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, etc.

The Professional’s anxiety

Being professionals working as specialists in the areas concerning Indirect taxes, for the past more than 10 years (in 2016), we were naturally interested in examining the new GST law and to spread awareness on the various important aspects concerning the same. It was also important to garner views of the stakeholders which was possible only when they are made aware of the fine print from a professional’s perspective.

Thus, we took upon ourselves to present this blog to all the stakeholders, i.e., businesses, professionals, academicians, students or any person interested in the new phenomenon, i.e., GST to make available the analysis of various issues in minutest detail possible.

2018 – The story continues!

Now in 2018, when the blog is running in its third year, we strive to continue with regular updation of the blog. Such is being done with articles, presentations, short notes, case analysis, etc. written by members  of the firm on various topics, study material  used for  internal team training and various other resources.

In addition to GST, we are also  covering  other  related  laws such as Customs, Insolvency and  Bankruptcy Code, Benami Law, etc.

In case, you have any suggestions regarding this blog please get in touch with us on advisory@alalegal.in.

– Team ALA