1. 1st Discussion Paper-GST

2. Report of Task Force-GST

3. Report of Joint Committee…Registration

4. Report of Joint Committee…Payment

5. Report of Joint Committee…Refund

6. Model GST Law

7. The Constitution (One hundred and First Amendment) Act

8. Gst Return Business Process Document

9. faqs-on-goods-and-services-tax-gst

10.Presidential order on GST Council

11.Draft Invoice-Rules by CBEC

12.Draft Invoice-Formats by CBEC

13.Draft Payment-Rules by CBEC

14.Draft Payment-Formats by CBEC

15.Draft Registration-Rules by CBEC

16.Draft Registration-Formats by CBEC

17.Draft Return-Rules by CBEC

18.Draft Return-Formats by CBEC

19.Draft Refund-Rules by CBEC

20.Draft Refund-Formats by CBEC

21. Compilation of Demonetization documents